Application Form For Easter Market Uvongo


Exhibitors need to complete an application form and stock list and email it to us together with pictures of the products they wish to sell at the market.


On approval of a stall, the deposit needs to be paid immediately to secure the stand.


Barcodes will be printed according to the stock list provided to us, and posted to the address specified on your application form.


Barcoded products need to be delivered to the market and unpacked on dates provided. Tables will be marked out and spaces CAN NOT BE BOOKED OR CHOSEN. Tables will be filled with available stock after the cut off time and late comers will not be accommodated.


Exhibitors do not need to be present at the market, although selling your product does increase sales and you are welcome to do so if you wish to. You will receive a daily update of your sales to the email address provided on your application form.

Please do not call us for telephonic updates as we are very busy and cannot check updates during the market. Our mailing system has been put in place for this reason.


Please make sure you provide sufficient stock to ensure that your stall will always look full and interesting, excess stock can be stored under your stall table and our floor staff will fill your table as your products sell and table empties. If the need arises, you will need to courier more stock and our staff will unpack it for you. Please check your daily sales report in order to maintain your stock volume.


Exhibitors need to pack up their own stall on date and time provided. If you are not able to do so, please make the necessary arrangements with your courier to collect on this day. We will pack up your stock and have it packaged and ready for the courier. NO STORAGE IS AVAILABLE AFTER THIS DATE.


Uvongo – Douglas Mitchell sports ground Uvongo.


A non-refundable registration fee as depicted below is payable when application is approved.

PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE ON APPROVAL. R1600-00 per display space.

Venue: Uvongo:
Exhibitors unpack WEDNESDAY 6th DECEMBER & THURSDAY 7 DECEMBER 08:00 till 17:00
Market runs 8 DECEMBER- 14 JANUARY 9:00 till 18:00
Packing-up MONDAY 15 JANUARY 08:00 till 17:00

All sections of the application form, including banking details and the “undertaking”, must be completed and signed. Attached to the application form is a Product Selection Form, on which all the product details must be given. The supply of bar code labels and other arrangements will follow.

Top Markets reserves the right to determine the quality, standard and uniqueness of all items presented for exhibition at the Market. Our aim is quality, originality, exclusivity and professionalism. To make sure that these principles are adhered to, all exhibitors’ products are subject to pre-selection which will be done by the organisers.
Procedures that will be followed for pre-selection of products:

  • The product should be something unique and preferably hand crafted.
  • Each product must be named, priced and the quantity specified on the product form.
  • You will not be allowed to change the price of products submitted on the stock form.
  • Bar codes will be allocated to products using our own bar code numbering system.

  • Stalls consist of a standard table, dimensions (0,8mx1,8m) Table cloths will be provided.
  • Exhibitors need to bring their own display equipment, provided they fit into the display.
  • Exhibitors are required to set up their own displays. The organizing committee will unpack and pack up stalls if prior arrangement has been made at a R300 charge per stall/table./li>
  • The organizing committee will maintain the displays, unless exhibitors have indicated by prior arrangement that they wish to do this themselves, although this will not qualify them for reduced commission.
  • Products will be stored under the tables. You must however have additional products available that can be delivered at short notice if we notify you that your stock levels are low. Only exhibitors who can ensure enough products will be considered.
  • Exhibitors, who cannot personally remove their products on pack up dates, must make arrangements with the organisers to pack your products from the exhibition venue and arrange with your courier to collect remaining products from the market (for the exhibitor’s account).
  • Jewellery Exhibitors: You are required to set up, maintain and attend to your display at all times. You will need duplicate invoice books. Barcodes to the value of the purchases must be attached to the original invoice, which will be scanned and paid at the till point. The original invoice will be retained at the till. The purchaser will then present the till slip to the jeweller to collect their goods.

R1600 registration fee per display space is payable upon approval of your application into:

UVONGO: Top Markets: First National Bank. ACCOUNT 62717326947

  • A non-negotiable commission of 25% on your total sales will be charged.
  • Products must be priced to include the commission.
  • A bar coded product sales system will be used.
  • Exhibitors will be provided with bar codes for each product.
  • Products must come delivered with the bar codes already attached. The first 1300 bar code labels (20 sheets) are included in the registration fee. Additional bar code labels can be provided at a charge of R5/sheet of 65. These costs will be deducted from the money due to you. Additional labels can also be provided during the market if required.
  • There will be till points at the exit. All payments will be done at these points. Exhibitors will therefore not collect payment and do not need to attend their displays during the market.
  • Exhibitors will be paid by bank transfer not later than 31 JANUARY 2017. No enquiries can be dealt with before 5 FEBRUARY 2018. NO CASH WILL BE PAID OUT DURING THE MARKET.

The organizers of Top Markets act only as the facilitator and are not responsible for any tax obligations on the part of the exhibitor.

Security will include an alarm system with armed response, 24 hour security guards and roaming plain clothes security personnel. We will also have security guards at entrance and exit to check till slips. Never the less, exhibitors display their products at their own risk. The Top Markets organisers will be INDEMNIFIED against claims caused by injuries, theft, shortages, damages or force majeure.

The market will be advertised in newspapers, on East Coast Radio, on lamp pole posters, direction signs, banners, flyers and other attention getters.

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